Time is always a precious commodity for a tax professional, especially during filing season. Many clients bring you old notices and IRS issues during the busiest time of year. Many of these notices require a contact to the IRS. In fact, the IRS gets most of their phone calls during the busy season when taxpayers come to terms with that notice or want to finally resolve an issue with the IRS. During tax season, some tax pros feel they are on constant speed-dial with the IRS.

Here are a few warning signs to know when you have called the IRS too much.

1. You can’t get the IRS hold music out of your mind

It is not like you have the IRS hold music on your Apple Music playlist. It is more like a Disney, “It’s a small world after all” sensation. I really think the IRS spent some of their budget to get a song that is supposed to calm the caller before they answer the call. This song is so hypnotic that it has put me in a state of hypnosis a few times. For those of you wondering, the name of the song is “One to One” by Fresh Optimism (Fresh Optimism and the IRS, really?? That’s funny). For a full HD version, go here.

You can play a contest with yourself during the hold music by trying to time when you are going to hear the IRS recorded message, “Our representatives are still helping other customers, please continue to hold” or “Your call is very important to us, please stay on the line for the next available representative.”

2. You get the same IRS employee on the phone again

This is IRS déjà vu. With over 80,000 IRS employees (albeit only a few thousand in the call centers), it is almost impossible to get the same person twice. Apparently, I have beaten these odds because I have had this happen more than once. Even more shocking, I have had the representative remember me and refer to a past client call. I was shocked a few months ago when an IRS rep said, “Sir, when I spoke with you eight weeks ago about another client, I looked at their complete tax history. Do you want me to do that again?” I was shocked — what a memory. I want this guy’s direct phone number.

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