The credit score is a crucial aspect of anyone’s finances, and it mainly affects what one can or cannot do with regards to the same. Repairing it certainly takes some time.

For the most part, doing this on your own is almost impossible, and therefore a credit repair company comes in very handy.

Credit Saint is among the top-ranked credit repair companies that we have in the United States.

This review will help you find out exactly what this company can help you with, and if it is the right pick to assist you with your credit score issues.

Credit Saint Company Review

credit saint logoCredit Saint was founded in 2004 to help Americans sort out their credit score issues. This company is highly ranked in the industry with many reviews placing it at the top position, for all the right reasons.

Credit Saint has been running for twelve years, and since 2007, has maintained an impressive A+ rating from BBB. This positioned the financial firm ahead of its competitors in the market for quite some time.

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Standout Features of Credit Saint

As a market leader, Credit Saint offers efficient credit repair services with some outstanding features such as:

90-days Money-Back Guarantee

Most, if not all the companies in the credit repair sector, offer a money-back guarantee, but none provides such an extended period as Credit Saint does.

With this firm, you get the guarantee of a refund within 90 days. If none of the negatives on your credit rating are removed, you can get 100% of your money back.

This refund is given back to you without excuses or avoidance, as it is stated in the contract you sign when you first sign up for these services.

This goes to show that the company is as committed as it says it is to help you remove all the negatives that are present on your credit rating.

Offers the Lowest Monthly Fees

Many credit repair companies offer a monthly payment that ranges between $99.99 -$119.99.

By comparison, Credit Saint’s fees, that range between $79.99 -$119.99, are significantly more affordable than all other credit repair firms available.

The fee is low, but still, you get excellent service from experts in the industry.

How Does Credit Saint Credit Repair Work?

To get started with your credit repair process with the help of experts from Credit Saint, you will need to follow these simple steps.

  1. Book a Free Consultation.

Schedule the first consultation with Credit Saints’ financial advisors. The initial consultation is free.  During this consultation, the negatives in your credit score rating are noted and then highlighted.

Advisors assigned to you will perform credit analysis and, based on the outcome, tailor a credit repair plan for you.

  1. Identity Verification.

Next, you will need to verify your identity via email. To do this, you will need to submit an emailed photo of your credit card to confirm that you are the person that has asked for the credit repair services.

  1. Choose a Plan.

Depending on your credit repair needs, you will have an option of picking among the three available plans (We will discuss these plans in the next section).

  1. Removal of Negative Items.

Once you have completed the three steps above, Credit Saint will work with Credit Reference Bureaus (CRBs) to remove the negative items from your credit score rating. Credit Saint works in 45-day cycles.

Additionally, it is at this stage that you will be asked to start on the credit repair plan that was given to you in step one.

  1. Release of a Credit Report.

Once the first 45-day cycle is complete, the credit references will release an updated credit report. Credit Saint will then use these results to update your profile.

This means the first positive results can only be viewed after forty-five days of thorough commitment to the credit repair plan you are following.

Credit Saint Plan Options

Credit Saint, in addition to its free first consultation, offers three other plans suited to each person’s credit repair needs.

This allows the individual to choose a plan that will work most effectively in helping you repair your credit score.

The plans are:

The Polish Plan

It’s more of an introductory or basic plan. It includes a $99 first-work fee and then a monthly fee of $79.99.

With the Polish Plan, you will get the following services: inquiries, dispute of late payments, charge-off collections, and identity theft assistance.

The Remodel Plan

Like the Polish Plan, Remodel requires an initial first-work fee of $99, but a higher monthly fee of $99.99.

With this plan, you will get all the services in the basic plan, with escalated information requests, bankruptcies, and repossession.

The Clean Slate Plan

This is the high-ticket plan and it includes a first-work fee of $195 that is then followed by a $119.99 monthly fee. This plan encompasses all the services offered in the Remodel Plan with a few extras.

Additionally, there is a comprehensive Credit Saint’s Dispute Avalanche that challenges all the questionable negative items on a client’s credit score at once.

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The Pros of Using Credit Saint

  • Money-Back Guarantee: Credit Saint offers a 90-day money guarantee that allows you to recoup your money without any questions after the elapse of the period—if no negatives have been eliminated from your score.
  • Highly Ranked: Credit Saint has been rated A+ by BBB rating for twelve consecutive years. This is a clear sign of the company’s excellent credit repair services which are reliable and well-known.
  • Flexible Cancellation: Credit Saint’s cancellation policy allows you to cancel your credit repair plan at any time without incurring any extra fees.
  • Affordable Plans: This credit repair firm understands that different people need different credit repair services. Thus, they offer three different plans that customize their repair services. Additionally, they offer one of the best rates when compared to other credit repair firms in the industry.
  • Excellent Service: Credit Saint offers exceptional service to its customers. Advisors are helpful and friendly. Aside from visiting them during the official work hours, you can easily reach out to them with your inquiries via email or an efficient live chat. Additionally, the company gives a monthly call back to update you on the progress of your credit repair.

The Cons of Using Credit Saint:

  • Not available in all states. If you reside in Georgia, Kansas, and South Carolina, you cannot access these credit repair services.
  • High first-work fees. Credit Saint charges a high first-work fee starting at $99; however, this gets duly compensated for by the relatively low monthly payments.

Final Thoughts on Credit Saint

A highly regarded firm, Credit Saint can help you repair your credit score. Compared to other firms in the industry, it has an impressive 12-year A+ rating by BBB, which makes it the best pick for your credit repair process.

The firm also has an amazing 90-day money-back guarantee that surpasses all other periods offered by other firms in the industry.

Moreover, Credit Saint offers some of the best-going rates in monthly fees in addition to its free initial consultation policy.

Factoring in these benefits, it seems advisable that you can confidently choose Credit Saint to help you repair your credit score.

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