After my son moved to college, I promised my daughter we would paint and redecorate the upstairs bathroom to her liking. With new amenities, rain shower head and a fresh coat of paint, the “fish bathroom” we had created for our pre-teen kids had been transformed to be more suitable for a young adult. It was perfect, except for those paint marks on the ceiling where the brush or roller had gone temporarily off course.

It happens to even the best do it yourself home improvement lovers. No matter how much painter’s tape used or care taken cutting in or rolling, somehow paint ends up on the ceiling. These spots may have one wanting to call in the big guns to fix it. I’m here to tell you stand down. You don’t need a professional, along with a professional sized bill to fix this problem. All you need is a can of a relatively inexpensive product, and a little effort.

The Product

Found in the paint section of your big box hardware store or even Walmart, a can of ceiling texture spray can be bought for less than $15. There are likely several brands available, I used the following product.

How To Use

You will be tempted to just pull the cap off, aim at the ceiling and spray. I strongly advise following the recommendation in the directions and practice spraying it on a piece of cardboard first. This will give you a feeling how far away from the ceiling to hold the can, and how wide the coverage area is.

Once you’ve practiced hold a piece of cardboard or poster paper against the wall to protect the new paint job. Then aim the can and spray it just as you did from your practice session.

Goes On Wet

Two things to be aware of after you’ve sprayed your “oops” spots on the ceiling:

  • The color may show a little through the ceiling spray. After it dries you may find this is no longer true. If it does still show through, a second coat can be applied.
  • The product goes on wet, appearing a different color than the rest of the ceiling. It will change color as it dries, blending in with the existing ceiling color.

Painting is like any other skill, the more you do it the better at it you’ll get. But even the most experienced painters may occasionally bump the ceiling. Luckily, a can of ceiling texture can save you the expense of calling a professional to fix your mistake.

How about your, EOD Nation, have you gotten paint on the ceiling when painting a room? What did you do to fix it?

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