Whoever claimed that kids say the darnedest things was never a tax preparer.

From the secrets of their home life to the starkest examples of mismanaging affairs, clients tend to tell their preparers all – and expect a lot of understanding in return. Here’s what tax pros have heard and how they responded.

KISS and tell

Any question related to 199A is strange, “as what taxpayers read is never correct or their hairdresser’s cousin’s lawn-care guy told them the wrong thing,” said EA Jeffrey Schneider in Stuart, Florida. “No one understands why some are limited and some are not. I try to KISS [keep it simple, stupid], but with this, that’s almost impossible. I have said, ‘Do you trust me?’ When they answer, ‘Yes,’ I say, ‘Rest assured the numbers are correct and let’s go with the return as is.’”

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