I slowed down and came to a stop as the traffic light in front of me turned red. Suddenly I heard tires screeching, and a “thunk” as my van lurched forward. I had been hit from behind. I got out of my van and signaled the driver behind me to pull into the gas station across the street. Inspection of both vehicles showed no damage other than a small scuff on the other driver’s front bumper from my license plate, which he wasn’t concerned about. Preparing to leave, the other driver was shocked when I asked to exchange insurance information.

What To Do In Case Of A Fender Bender

If you find yourself in a minor fender bender, you should always think of what could happen. Follow these simple steps.

  • Call The Police If Needed: If you live in a no-fault state, police don’t assign fault so they don’t need to be called if the cars are driveable. However, if you want someone to document the situation, call them anyway. If you do NOT live in a no-fault state, you should absolutely call the police.
  • Take Pictures: If an insurance claim is filed, you will need to describe what happened. Take pictures of your car, the other person’s car, and of the environment in which the accident took place.
  • Exchange Information: Always exchange insurance information. This is especially important if the accident is not your fault as it will be needed to get the other driver’s insurance provider to pay.

If there is damage to your vehicle, or physical injuries, contact your insurance company immediately to file a claim.

Why You Should Always Exchange Insurance Information

It was obvious he was more than a little annoyed at my request. I told him even though at that moment I had no plans to file an insurance report, there were two reasons that might change:

  • I might discover later unseen damage to my van that I shouldn’t have to pay for.
  • He had hit me from behind, and while I felt fine at the moment there’s always the chance a physical injury surface after the adrenaline of the moment had subsided. Again, something I shouldn’t have to pay for.

We took pictures of each other’s insurance cards, and then went on our merry way.

Nobody likes dealing with fender benders. However, it’s important to treat it seriously or it may be a financial burden later.

How about you EOD nation, have you ever been in a fender bender?  

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