Clifton, N.J.-based accounting firm Sax announced the winner of its second annual Founder’s Award, which recognizes a top nonprofit organization with a $15,000 unrestricted gift. This year’s winner is Oasis – a Haven for Women and Children, which looks to change the lives of women and children with programs designed to feed, clothe, educate and empower those in need.

Approximately 150 nonprofit organizations submitted essays and videos detailing how their organization inspires those around them. Five judges reviewed submissions to determine the winner, who was announced at the Founder’s Award ceremony on Jan. 24, 2019 at the Stony Hill Inn in Hackensack, N.J. The top 75 nonprofit organizations who applied were also invited to the event.

“Oasis is so grateful to the be the recipient of Sax’s Founder’s Award this year,” stated Jennifer Brady, executive director of Oasis. “It is the 700 women and children who walk through our doors each day looking for hope and help that motivate us to do more and to be better. This award will help to ensure we can respond to the needs of this community and help some of our most vulnerable neighbors create brighter futures. Thank you to Sax for the support of our organization and recognizing our efforts to inspire others!”

Todd Polyniak, a partner at Sax, launched the Founder’s Award in 2017 as a means to to honor the legacy of Sax’s founders — Sander Sax, Morris Macy and Egon Fromm — who helped support local organizations.

“I would love to see all our competition imitate this event,” said Polyniak in a statement. “If I can spur people into copying us, and donating money to not-for-profits, great, because this event was to help people. The for-profit world needs to support the not-for-profit world because their positive impact benefits us all.”

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