The first dividend income from the blogging community article is here!  What a wild and weird first month of earnings, I may add.  The market was it’s typical-self, riding up, down and up again.  Further, dividend increase announcements have been rolling in, but as anticipated, they are not as strong as they were in 2018.  An increase, however, is an increase.  Here is the January version of the dividend income from YOU the bloggers!

Money Maaster – $457.57 – Solid 9% dividend growth to start the year, your engine is really moving.  Love that your REITs are sending checks your way!

A Dividend Dream – 97 (Euro) – You pretty much tripled your amount from last year, and it’s hard to get better than that.  Further, quite the big dividend players, such as Walmart (WMT).  Be on the lookout for their increase coming up!

My Dividend Dynasty – $459.51 – There we go, so close to the $500 mark!  Also, every 3 months I say it – that’s one helluva Medical Properties (MPW) dividend, blows mine out of the water.  Can’t wait to see you crush over $500 next year.

Dividend Seedling – $10.88 – Breaking the double digits and a 62% growth rate to boot.  It all counts and it all matters, every dividend reinvestment/growth is working for you.

Desi Dividend – $390.99 – 16 companies, holy smokes.  Further, I see you benefited from the BHP BIlliton (BBL) dividend – how awesome/sweet does that taste?  We persevered through tough times with them, but the machine is working now, that’s for sure.  I hope that train stays on the tracks.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $573.74 – Love following your journey and your mortgage pay down.  18 companies sending you checks is also killer!  You definitely have a few names I’d like to add, such as KMB and BNS.  Nice work!

Dividends Down Under – $110.86 – Cracking the $100 mark, congratulations!  Also, the growth rate of 171.3% isn’t too shabby either… Question – can you do it AGAIN?!  I think you can!

Dividend Meter – $683.77 – The meter is about to POP!  Nice work with KIM, MO and PPL – just massive dividends at play.  Further, I love seeing/you showing how your meter is growing.  Keep it up, $11k is in sight!

Passive Canadian Income – $425.12 – WHOA!  So many new companies and adding over $50 from dividend increases to your income alone is awesome.  Restaurant Brands International (QSR) – it’s funny I don’t own them and you’ve got me curious on their metrics… congrats!

DivHut – $520.15 – A solid 21% increase from last year.  You, too, have Kimberly Clark (KMB) and receive a nice dividend from them and received a solid increase as well this year, already.  You are also a Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) holder.  Adding them to my watch list.

Divvy Dad – $350.67 – Disney (DIS) and Kimberly (KMB), as well!  Love that growth rate, haha, that you have on your post too.  Don’t try to compare to December!!  I understand why you’d want to but soon, with time, you’ll be able to compare just year-over-year months.  Direction will be up.  You got this!

American Dividend Dream – $180.36 – A lot of moves being made and I know you’re loving your CVS dividend that already came through in February.  You had a solid 11% increase from prior year and hope the new investments from Altria (MO) pay off!

Dividend Daze – $41.19 – 40% growth and doubling of your position in Realty Income (O), is it too good to be true?  You are straight killing it.  That’s a nice monthly dividend income you have going from O and love that you are another shareholder of Nova Scotia (BNS).

Game of Budgets – $131.60 – Okay, not too bad GoB!  I see that you added a nice 7% in January, and are reinvesting those dividends into more shares of Pepsi (PEP) and NHI.  Congrats and keep marching to your goals.

Dividend Portfolio – $37.54 – Three companies, paying an average over $12 per company.  I own Cisco (CSCO) and Realty Income (O), but do not have Kimberly (KMB)!  A great increase and though slow, you had a solid month.

Tawcan – $1,609.41 – 24 companies sent checks your way, it’s amazing!  Further, the 5 companies that represent your top holdings is awesome.  Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), Canadian Imperial (CM), TD (TD), Telus (TU) and BCE Inc. (BCE) – so much history behind there of paying and increasing dividends, it’s amazing.  Keep it up Tawcan and congrats on your over 20% growth!

Dividend Hawk – $1,368.17 – WOW.  34% growth from prior year and we all know what happens if you keep that growth rate up.  You’re going to be close to $2,000 per month… from JANUARY!  Impressive and inspiring, nice job!

Mr. Free @ 33 – $933.95 – There we go Jason!  SO close to $1,000 in January but your growth rate is real, from minimal new capital investment and primarily is fueled by dividend growth.  32 Companies paid you almost $30 each.  Such a diversified portfolio – congrats J!

Dividend FireMan – $1,113.93 – Someone get the extinguisher, this man’s portfolio is on Dividend Fire!  Almost doubling that income and I see BNS squeaked into your portfolio, as well.  Hmm… I see a trend!  Congrats FireMan, keep it going.

Dividend Deluge – 104.5 (Euro) – Gilead (GILD) seems to be very popular amongst the community, one stock I do not own again!  Great job and congratulations DD.

Mr. Robot – 52.21 (Euro) – Welcome to the Leggett & Platt (LEG) club!  Nice little dividend that was chipped in there, pushing you over the 50 mark for the first time!

Dividend Quest – $1,053.54 – Another one crossing 4 digits!  What an illustrious club to be in for the month of January, Congratulations!  I cannot wait until I’m there, soon… soon.

Engineering Dividends – $716.10 – A 32% increase is nothing to scoff at, wow!  I see RPM International (RPM) pays you a nice chunk – a fantastic company and great dividend metrics!  Keep that growth rate up, and engineering your way to freedom.

Dividend Vet – $340.25 – Almost a 10% growth with over 5+ dividend aristocrats paying you, such as Walmart (WMT) and Pepsi (PEP), I think you are in good hands for the future.

Broke Investor – $17.98 – I own all 3 of your companies, which are Illinois Tool Works (ITW), Cisco (CSCO) and Realty income (O), so I have to love it!  Further, over a 100% growth rate is stellar, go for 300% next January.

Kody’s Dividend – $25.81 –  You posted a question in your article….how great are dividends??  I think everyone reading this article can agree that dividends are FREAKING AWESOME!  Congrats on another great month.

Get Rich Brothers – $540.02 –  Thanks for reporting the currency neutral number and making it easy for us Ryan!  Adding $185 compared to last year is an impressive growth rate and hopefully you can keep that up this year.

DiviCents – $1,626.86 –  Woah.  If you want to see a chart showing someone’s dividend income growing at an exponential rate each year, we suggest that you stop by DiviCents and check it out.

Dividends and Hobbies – $435.71 – Enjoy every sip of those figurative cups of coffee with your dividend income D&H.   That was one heck of a dividend you received from Altria Group this month.

Young Dividend – $1,729.35 – Another blogger crossed the four digit mark in an “off month.”   Tobacco led the charge for YD, after receiving FAT dividends from Altria and Philip Morris.

Passive Income Pursuit – $395.42 –  That 22% increase compared to last year is SICK JC.  On top of it that is a healthy list of companies paying you dividends in the first month of the quarter.

Dividend Rider – $353.39 –  This isn’t a monthly article.  Rather, a link to a really cool spreadsheet showing Rider’s monthly dividend income.  Love the display and the color coding.   By the way, hopefully you enjoyed that BBL special dividend.

Reverse the Crush – $52.63 – Bodda Bing, Bodda Boom.  RTC continues to post just incredible dividend growth rates.  82% is sweet and continues the trend you started last year!  Way to start 2019 off in style.

All About The Dividends – $620.32 – The community will be happy to provide you with the high fives from that How I Met You Mother gif.  Crossing $600 in divvys received for just the third time is an excellent milestone.

Snug Fortune – $112.19 –  Looks like you are seeing the results of your reallocation strategy from index funds to dividend growth stocks.  Enjoy the nice bump in dividend income as a result this year.

Dividend Gremlin – $109.56 – Just a casual 47% year-over-year increase for Dividend Gremlin here.  And I top of it, Gremlin was complaining about being frozen due to the frigid temperatures (as we all did), so hopefully Gremlin has thawed out as the temperatures have gotten warmer.

Dividend Income Stocks – $320.40 –  DIS said something that resonated with us in the article.  DIS enjoys sitting down with a nice cup of coffee and reviewing dividends received.  One of our FAVORITE activities as well, as we are two huge coffee fans.  Also – congrats on a great month!

Dividend Dozer – $98.05 –  Man, Dozer is on the doorsteps of joining the three-digit club during the first month of the quarter.  What was impressive about Dozer’s dividends this month was the fact that the income was pretty well balanced and no one company paid Dozer a disproportionate dividend compared to others.

Investing Pursuits – $505.00 –  It is always amazing when an investor receives a rounded dollar amount of dividends.  This one is crazy, especially considering IP received 17 separate dividend checks.  But very nice job crossing $500 in January IP.

Dividend Snail – $225.26 –  While it may look like Snail’s dividend income decreased compared to last year, Snail’s income actually increased over 40% compared to last year when you factor in the $70 special dividend received in January 2018.   That is a really solid adjusted dividend growth rate.

Dividend Pig – $946.16 –  [Insert Pig Pun About Bringing In the Bacon] .   Pig just absolutely crushed it in January and received dividends from 29 companies! That is a lot of checks coming in during an “off” month.

Dividend Earner – $1,939 – Wow, wow, wow.  Earner, are you kidding?  Adding over $450 compared to last year and nearly kicking down the $2,000 dividend income door in an “off month” is pretty darn impressive.

Project 2035 – TBD –  We wanted to include this one for suspense purposes.  Since P2035 reports dividends on a quarterly basis, we are all going to be waiting in suspense to see how Q1 2019 was for P2035.  Stay tuned!

Total:  42 Bloggers Received $21,849.10 in Dividends in January (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation)

That folks, is quite the list.  On average, we as a community received $520 per blogger in January!  This is an impressive haul for an “off” month.  In December we averaged $724/month.  While there was an expected drop-off compared to the highest paying month of the year, the fact we surpassed $500 in January is truly impressive.   Time and time again, we leave this post inspired to push, grind, hustle, and do whatever it takes to achieve financial freedom.   This post, and your results, are the fuel for our FIRE!  Let’s end it the same way we end every month.  Let’s continue to make EVERY DOLLAR COUNT and to push forward.  Congratulations and onward to new heights friends!

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats


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