I believe it is rally time for the dividend portfolio!  The weather is warming up and the appetite is getting anxious to scoop up dividend stocks for the cupboard, that is my portfolio.  The goals are high and the dividend income forward projection is begging to be pushed, just a little bit further.  I say bring on April and let’s see what’s currently on the radar!

Dividend stock watch list

I know I am not the only one struggling to find undervalued, dividend stocks for the portfolio.  The S&P 500 is up over 11% from January through March 22nd and most stocks are following suit.  See the screen shot below:

Therefore, the market is not playing around.  At the same time, the 1-year treasury yield was popping high, due to the federal reserve raising their rates.  However, due to the latest FOMC and their announcement of no interest rate increases for the time being, we are starting to see a tapering of the 1-year rate, see below:

What does this mean?  Well, it’s not a surprise that buying stock is taking on additional risk.  Therefore, you are to be paid for that risk, or the expectation of a premium is there.  One must find a dividend paying stock, in my eyes, that should yield higher than the rate that is risk-free, as well as the growth of that risk-free rate that we have seen.  The yield is tapering below 2.50% and I would use that as my baseline, right now, in an overvalued marked, for purchasing a dividend stock.  I am also looking for stocks that are in my current dividend portfolio, to really fuel the engine, from a dividend reinvestment standpoint and to ease the reviewing of financials that I have to do.  However, my review of financials, due to buying high quality and fundamentally sound companies, for the most part, is not a burden nor takes up too much time.

Without further-ado, let’s take a look at my April Dividend Stock Watch list!

The dividend stocks


1.) Archer Daniels MIdland (ADM) – This wonderful dividend aristocrat currently has a price to earnings of 12, based on 2019 earnings projections.  Further, we are looking at a ratio of 11.45 for the year of 2020, under the same metric.  Therefore, it’s hard not to have them on a watch list, especially because they already sit in the cupboard with my other dividend stocks.  In addition, their yield is approximately 3.30%, which is definitely higher than the market and any short-term liquid money market/high yield savings account.  Therefore, there is a premium of owning ADM.  They are up 4% year-to-date, which is not typical for an aristocrat these days, hence the top 10 yielding dividend aristocrat article for 2019 (performances are surging for those companies!).  Everyone still eats and makes food, therefore, ADM should deserve strong consideration for anyone’s portfolio or anyone looking to add to their current position, based on sound fundamentals.

2.) CVS Pharmacy (CVS) – The last time I purchased them, the stock was over $58.00 per share.  They are now trading at $56.04, which this is another decline of 4% since my purchase.  Nothing has really truly changed with the big pharmacy, except that their yield is now swelling over 3.5%.  Dividend growth, again, has stalled, but I remain optimistic that once they paid down further on their debt levels, we could see an increase in the near future, say – 4th quarter of 2020.  This then gives the company almost 8 full quarters to really do some damage on the balance sheet, as in – cleanup.  Their forward price to earnings stands at 8.3 for the year and it looks even lower, going into 2020.  Payout ratio is sound and the cash flow is intensive.  Thoughts on averaging down the position?  That is the decision I am mulling over here.

3.) Occidental Petroleum (OXY) – They are back on my list!  I have purchased them on several occasions, but I noticed my position wasn’t as heavy as it was thought to be. Given this is the only company in the energy/oil sector I have purchased in years, my overall sector position still remains well below 10% on my taxable portfolio.  They are currently yielding almost 4.75% and their forward price to earnings ratio stands at 19.90 and 18.50 in 2020.  Not the cheapest stock, but an area where I’d like to add if prices shake down a little further.

Dividend Stock Watch List Conclusion

What should I buy?  That is the question.  I like options 1 and 3 above, with option 1 having better dividend diplomat stock screening ratios, but my overall exposure to the energy/oil sector is lower.  Do I wait for a pullback on OXY and buy slightly more of ADM in the meantime?  There usually is nothing wrong with buying a dividend yield of 3.30%+, with a payout ratio that is sound, in addition to a below market-average price to earnings ratio.  Not to mention, this dividend stock is a beloved dividend aristocrat.  Yes, I am talking about YOU ADM!

What would you do?  Running into the same brick wall as the rest of the dividend investing community?  Share your thoughts, let us know what you are watching and/or buying.  Curious to see if any of yours, are shared in my thoughts and list above!  As always, good luck and happy investing everyone!



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