One of the most challenging things about finances is repairing your credit score. Let’s face it, we all need a good credit score to access any financing—be it car, mortgage or any other kind of loan.

Repairing credit yourself is a tedious process. You must adhere to rigid timelines, write so many letters to different credit bureaus, and wrap your head around complicated terms and industry jargon.

Therefore many people prefer applying for the services of a credit repair company, such as Lexington Law.

Lexington Law Overview

lexingtonlawFounded in 2014, Lexington Law is a company that helps consumers straighten their credit scores.

They help clients remove negative scores, guiding them on ways of improving their crediting rating.

With the help of Lexington Law, you can easily remove the unjust, misleading or unverified negative items on your credit report.

They also give you all the tools and skills to help maintain a good credit score in the future.

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How Lexington Law Works

Lexington Law works in a very simple way to help you get started on rebuilding your credit score. Any inaccuracy in your report can lead to negative effects on your scoreline. The first step is usually to verify all the information on your credit report.

With the help of their attorneys, you can get a copy of your report, and consult on your rights as a consumer with all the items in your report that are contestable. These items are easily handled by credit bureaus and other data companies.

Once the contested items are found, Lexington Law issues a demand letter to your creditors and various credit bureaus to have these items removed from your report. You can always depend on Lexington Law to champion your right to fair, accurate, and verifiable credit reporting.

Lexington Law also offers a monthly credit report analysis which can give you insight into some of the things that determine your credit score. With this knowledge, you can successfully change your credit report even when you are done with the credit repair procedure.

Lexington Law’s Plans

Lexington Law offers you several options for credit repair depending on your budget and needs. They have three plans that offer incremental services and features.

These include:

  • Concord Standard
  • Concord Premier
  • Premier Plus

Concord Standard

The basic plan, Concord Standard, starts off at $89. It gives you the basic credit repair service that includes bureau challenges plus creditor challenges.

This ensures you can always get fair credit reporting by your creditor and a good score from the credit bureau.

Concord Premier

If you need more powerful service tools, Concord Premier has you everything you need. It adds a monthly credit analysis and monitoring on top of the standard features.

It is also pegged at $109.95 per month. This is the best plan for anyone on a budget who still wants control over their credit score repair.

Premier Plus

The last plan offered by Lexington Law is the Premier Plus. This is their highest offering and combines their best tools to give you the best credit repair service. It is priced at $129.95 per month.

The Premier Plus subscription gives comprehensive coverage that features tracking and analysis of FICO scores, and legal help in dealing with third-party debt collectors and auctioneers. It also includes identity theft protection and has insurance coverage worth a million dollars.

One other reason people prefer the Premier Plus package is because it comes with a lot of tools. One of these is the financial management tool that can link up to your accounts and help you plan your finances based on your financial goals.

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Other Tools

Lexington Law offers several tools that you can use after you have gotten back your credit score in order to monitor and maintain.


LexOnTrack provides similar features, for example, to the Premier Plus plan.

It allows users to monitor their score on TransUnion FICO and includes a financial management tool to plan and manage your finances.

Additionally, it provides an insured identity theft protection at one million dollars.

Signing up is easy. Just phone or email Lexington Law for more information. Their services can easily be canceled without further obligation.

What Can You Expect From Lexington Law?

Within forty-eight hours of signing up, a representative from Lexington Law will contact you and act as your personal representative.

They will ask for your details, which will be used to obtain all your credit reports from three credit bureaus—these include TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

After analyzing the credit reports, a Lexington consultant will reach out to you with the items that can be challenged. From there, your personal representative will get in touch with the creditors and reporting bureaus.

Once the removal process has been successful (and depending on your subscribed plan), you will get an analysis of your report. Any issues not resolved will still be followed and escalated by your personal representative from Lexington.

What We Love About Lexington Law

Legal Team

One of the most impressive things about Lexington Law is the fact that their team is comprised of attorneys and paralegals. This means that only legal channels are used to repair or correct your credit score.

Fairly priced Plans

Lexington Law’s packages are all fairly priced. Unlike most credit repair companies that rip you off, despite your financial predicaments, Lexington Law offers options to fit everyone’s budget.

High-Quality Credit Analysis and Counseling

Lexington Law uses a rather personalized credit analysis and counseling approach. A paralegal is assigned to every client to ensure they get the best services and advice. They impart a ton of skills to help you get back on track and still maintain your optimal score.

Great Customer Experience

Lexington’s staff are extremely courteous and professional. They handle all their customers at a personal level and try as much as possible to resolve any conflict.

Short-Comings of Lexington Law

While Lexington Law exceeds customer expectations, there are some improvement areas we can suggest.

BBB Rating

Lexington Law has a few complaints on BBB that has affected their rating. What we love about them is that it has tried to address all those issues. The complaints almost always end on a positive which is a hard feat to pull off.

Extra Reports are Charged

The standard plan charges extra for all credit reports. This might seem a high ask, however, with a little top-up payment, you can enjoy the added features of Concord Premier and say goodbye to those extra charges.

Is Lexington Law Right For You?

Not many people realize the importance of having someone else handle your credit score repair.

Aside from being tedious and confusing, having an objective representative, who is more qualified and experienced at finding flaws in your report, can save you a lot of points.

It also helps if the company is made up of lawyers that can sort your credit score problems in a legal manner and help curb the menace of the third-party debt collectors harassing you.

Lexington Law offers an affordable credit score recovery service that is personalized and thorough.

It provides plenty of tools to help you get back on track, and better manage and monitor your finances, through strict budgeting and other financial cuts.

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