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Want high returns on that next fix-and-flip? Then buy a house near an ALDI grocery store. According to new data, homes near ALDIs offer a gross flipping ROI of over 60 percent.

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The best grocery store chain for investors

According to a new report from ATTOM Data Solutions, properties near an ALDI store offer investors the most potential returns. On average, fix-and-flip investors see a 62 percent ROI on ALDI-adjacent homes.

Properties near Whole Foods offer just a 35 percent ROI, while those near a Trader Joe’s are even lower at 31 percent. The national average flipping ROI (local grocery stores aside) is 52 percent.

For reference, the average home value near Trader Joe’s is over $608,000. Near a Whole Foods, it’s $521,000, and near an ALDI, the average home is valued at just under $223,000.

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The best grocery store chain for homeowners

The story is a little different for buyers who actually stay in their homes. For homeowners, properties near a Trader Joe’s store are the most lucrative. 

In fact, the average homeowner near a Trader Joe’s has an average 37-percent equity stake in their properties — or about $247,000. Owners near a Whole Foods own about 31 percent ($187,000), while those near an ALDI have just 20 percent equity ($53,000).

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When going to sell their homes, Trader Joe’s-adjacent homeowners see an average ROI of 51 percent. Sellers near Whole Foods average a 41 percent ROI, while those near an ALDI see a 34 percent return.

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