When it comes to keeping your assets safe, a reliable credit monitoring service can provide invaluable peace of mind. Although myFICO and other similar services come at a price, they’re well worth considering if you want to keep tabs on everything related to your credit. Over fifty years of experience in the credit reporting industry ensures there are plenty of reasons to keep myFICO in mind if you’re in the market for a credit reporting service.

What is myFICO Exactly?

myFICO is a comprehensive credit monitoring service, which also offers high-quality educational tools and materials to its users. It’s run by the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), a world leader in credit reporting tools. The wide range of services, useful features, and the excellent reputation of myFICO are all factors that make this a highly recommended service.

What Services Are Offered By myFICO?

When paying for any service, it’s important to know what you’ll get for your money. Fortunately, myFICO offers a range of different credit-related services from $19.95 to $39.95 per month. The price is a bit higher than some of their competitors, but it evens out when you consider the extent of what they offer.

Does myFICO Offer Triple-Bureau Reports?

myFICO is one of the few companies which offers users the ability to see credit reports from the three credit bureaus. This 3B subscription service also provides credit monitoring on each of these reports, a feature which you’d be hard-pressed to find when shopping around for similar services. 

Beyond the credit reports, this service also provides insight into how to improve your current credit score; by providing users with access to tools, like a credit score simulator, to quickly formulate future financial decisions.

myFICO offers Identity Theft Protection

Along with the other aspects of the Ultimate 3B subscription, myFICO also includes comprehensive identity theft protection. This feature scans a variety of information sources, such as Blackmarket sites and other databases, to see if your personal information appears without your consent. You can have instant notifications sent to yourself via email, SMS, or the app if they discover any wrongful use of your identity.

As if that wasn’t thorough enough, myFICO also provides up to $1 million in identity theft insurance. This comprehensive service, with the insurance, provides even the most worrisome customers with peace of mind against the threat of identity theft.

Credit Score Simulator

Making a major financial decision can be difficult when you’re not exactly sure how it’s going to affect your credit score. Fortunately, myFICO’s credit score simulator can help you to plan while keeping your credit in check.myFICO Logo

Does myFICO have a Mobile App?

Whether you’re an Apple user or an Android user, the myFICO mobile app works well for both platforms. One of the best parts of this application is that it provides nearly the same functionality and accessibility as their website. 

On top of giving users access to most aspects of their services, it’s easy to use. It can also be customized only to send certain notifications if you prefer, to minimize the number of alerts that you receive.

What Are Some Advantages to Using myFICO?

Besides the range of excellent services myFICO has on offer, there are also some less obvious advantages to using it which you shouldn’t overlook. 


When it comes to choosing any kind of credit service, trust and reputation are incredibly important factors. myFICO not only has relatively few complaints when viewed alongside its competitors, but it also has a track record of efficient, above-board customer service that traces back for decades. myFICO has built up a trustworthy reputation free of any major scandals, and this is commendable when you consider that the credit industry is notorious for scammers and identity thieves.  

Access to True FICO Credit Scores 

myFICO offers its customers FICO 8 as well as the other most popular versions of their credit score. In total, they offer 19 different ratings as well as detailed information on what the score means, what it pertains to, and how to increase it. Few services offer such an all-encompassing view of your credit score in such a practical format. 

myFICO Forums Make Learning Easy

If you don’t have much experience when it comes to your credit, it always helps to have a community that you can turn to for advice or opinions. myFICO’s online forums are extremely active, and they have been a source of support and information for myFICO clients for several years. 

Easy-To-Use Interface 

When you already have enough questions related to understanding your credit situation, the last thing you need is an unintuitive website which is difficult to navigate. Fortunately, myFICO’s website and app have both received top marks when it comes to being easy to use. This way, you spend more time taking care of business and less time on technology-related frustrations.

What Sets myFICO Apart from Other Similar Services?

One of the major features which many myFICO customers love is the three-bureau reports included in the 3B subscription service. It’s one of the few credit reporting services to offer such a comprehensive view, which shows reports from all three of the credit reporting agencies. This popular service is included in both the basic and premium packages.

Security is another major plus point to consider when you look at the myFICO offering. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, this company has an A+ rating and has maintained this high standard of customer satisfaction in the credit industry for over half a century. There have been no scandals or data breaches over the years, so it’s no wonder so many customers continue to trust myFICO with their credit reporting.

How Much Does myFICO Cost?

Admittedly, myFICO is a bit more expensive than comparable services. The range and quality of services, however, leaves no room for doubt. No myFICO customer needs to question where their money is going when paying for premium services. 

The price breakdown is as follows:

  • The FICO Standard plan will cost you $20 per bureau, and the 3-Report View ends up being $60 in total with no discount for those who wish to receive all three reports. 
  • The FICO Score Watch plan costs $15 a month (with an option to pay $150 per year), and the 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring subscription is $25 a month. 
  • The FICO’s Identity Ultimate plan is priced at $30 a month or $329 for a year, so there is an opportunity for a slight discount if you commit to a whole year upfront.

FICO’s Identity Ultimate is the option that will currently get you the most bang for your buck. It offers comprehensive services for every aspect of credit reporting, identity theft protection, and credit monitoring. Although the subscription does renew automatically, users also have the freedom to cancel any time they want to.

Why Choose myFICO?

When it comes to credit monitoring and keeping tabs on every aspect of your credit, myFICO is the leader in providing top services and customer satisfaction. If you’re the type of customer who is willing to pay a bit more to receive higher quality credit services myFICO is for you. Their top-notch services, comprehensive insights, easy to use interface, useful tools, and educational resources make myFICO a great choice for just about anyone.

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