French reinsurance company SCOR has re-organised some of the leadership in its property and casualty underwriting division, SCOR Global P&C, including naming Michel Blanc as CEO of the Reinsurance division.

SCOR logoThe moves are partly due to the recent announcement of the appointment of Jean-Paul Conoscente as CEO of SCOR Global P&C, following the news that existing CEO Victor Peignet was to retire from the reinsurance business, after 35 years of service.

Conoscente had been the CEO of Reinsurance and now SCOR has announced his successor, promoting Michel Blanc to CEO fo Reinsurance, as of April 1st.

Blanc is currently the CEO of Asia-Pacific (APAC) at SCOR Global P&C and his role will be filled through the promotion of Christoph Spichtig, while Eric Jenck is also being promoted to Regional Chief Underwriting Officer of reinsurance for APAC.

In the specialty insurance area of the business, Stuart McMurdo is being promoted to CEO of SCOR Specialty Insurance EMEA operations, as from September 1st.

In the new role, McMurdo will take responsibility for the SCOR Business Solutions EMEA unit, as well as The Channel Syndicate at Lloyd’s of London. He will remain CEO of SCOR UK and of The Channel Syndicate.

Fabio Pinho is also being promoted to become CEO of SCOR Specialty Insurance in the Latin America region, a key growth area for specialty lines underwriting.

He will be responsible for SCOR Business Solutions Latam, as well as the Brazilian insurance company, Essor Seguros, a subsidiary of SCOR for which he remains CEO.

In addition, SCOR announced today that Pierre Favennec has been promoted to Head of Strategy and Development, reporting directly to Conoscente, while Adrian Jones, Deputy CEO of P&C Partners and the former Head of Strategy and Development, will be focused on growing the P&C Ventures business, with an expanded team under his oversight.

Jean-Paul Conoscente, CEO of SCOR Global P&C, commented on the executive changes, “Following the organizational changes announced in September 2018, SCOR Global P&C continues to adapt its structure to serve its strategy and be more client-centric. Today’s announcements confirm the depth of our talent pool and our desire to promote the personal and professional development of our existing teams.”

Laurent Rousseau, Deputy CEO of SCOR Global P&C and CEO of the Specialty Insurance unit, added, “The establishment of the Specialty Insurance business unit in September 2018 marked a key change in SCOR Global P&C’s organizational structure, by bringing together insurance business platforms built separately over the years. SCOR Specialty Insurance goes one step further today by creating synergies between our various Specialty Insurance entities, both from a business point of view – by focusing on a client-centric approach – and from an internal perspective, by making more efficient use of our resources.”

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