Teachers are an underappreciated group.  They are responsible for making sure that our children learn proper grammar, how to spell, and the history of our great nation.  How do we compensate them?  They end up having to buy supplies out of their own pockets to be able to properly teach the kids.

We think that’s a real issue, so we decided to do something about it.  The new Teacher Appreciation Program, or TAP, is built from the ground up to offer something special to our educators.  For every loan that we close with a teacher, we will give that teacher a $500 Target gift card to buy the school supplies that they need to teach the youth of America.

We all have a great teacher story because a teacher has affected our lives in some way.  We wanted to give back where we could to help them teach the next generation of students the right way.

So, if you are a teacher and you want to take advantage of the extremely low rates available right now, you should apply online with our easy 5-Minute Loan Approval.  That way, you can get back to grading papers and creating lesson plans and let us find the best possible loan for you.

If you know a teacher, please pass this on to them so that we can help them get a great loan and a bonus!  It’s like giving them 1000 apples!

Every loan program is eligible for this promotion, from FHA and Conventional to Cash Out and Hero Loans.  If you are a teacher, you are eligible for this program and we would love to work up options.

Take advantage of low rates today by refinancing or finally buying the dream home you’ve always wanted.  Or you could take a cash-out refinance and put in a pool for summer break!

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