Why Summer is Solar Power Time

It’s June, and while Summer has only just started, it will go quickly.  If you are in Minnesota and want your solar panels installed this summer, act quickly to start saving this summer.  So let’s go, Plymouth. It’s solar power time!

Summer is Solar Power Time
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Long Summer Days Mean Extra Energy Generation

With long sunny days, homeowners who convert to solar power in the summer get to capitalize on the sunlight immediately.  Their electricity bills will be lower, non-existent or may even show credits depending on the connection and energy usage.  And no matter when you convert to solar power, the savings begin as soon as your solar panels are operational.

 Savings on Highest Electricity Usage Make it Solar Power Time Now

For millions of other homeowners across the nation, energy bills shoot up in summer.  The air conditioner runs day and night.  Kiddos home from school are doing what they always do; play video games or watch television.  It all adds up to high electric bills.  But when you convert to solar power, you can enjoy the savings from the moment your system is on.  Before your installer leaves the premises you will begin saving on energy costs.

Tax Credit Savings

Don’t forget the extra savings on the installation costs.  You can earn federal tax credits of up to 26 percent when you have your solar power system installed by a professional.  Minnesota’s Xcel energy has added benefits so that you can connect to the grid and sell your excess generated electricity back when you produce more than you need.  Then when your panels are not producing enough power, you can buy it back through the grid.  You save crazy amounts of money by making this summer your solar power time. 

Keeps the House Cooler.

Even if the solar panels weren’t operating, they would help keep the house cooler.  That’s because solar panels act like roof shades and insulation.  They absorb the sun’s energy and heat which reduces the temperature in rooms below the roof.  In the winter, solar panels act like a big solar blanket, which helps hold the heat in the rooms below them.  As a result, solar panels save electricity plus cooling and heating costs.

Easier to Schedule Installation

Installations can, and do, happen in all seasons.  But without Minnesota winter ice storms and blizzards, it is definitely easier to plan and complete solar panel installations.  No frozen fingers, no ice to slip on makes summer a much better solar power time.  As convenient as summer installation are for work crews, summer tends to be more convenient for homeowners too.  With more time off work, or vacation days, homeowners have more flexibility to set up their solar power conversion.

Help Meet National Clean Energy Goals

The Government sees the future of solar energy as a large part of its de-carbonization commitment. A Solar Futures Study by the U.S. Department of Energy cited a goal of 40-44 percent of electricity sourced to solar power.  In fact, the US Department of Energy sees technological progress in solar as critical to reaching it’s 2035 target.  However, further advances would make solar power more widespread and efficient in all areas.  MIT cited “massive expansion of solar generation worldwide by mid-century” as a necessary part of climate change mitigation strategies.

Renewable Solar Resources in Minnesota

If you’re In Minnesota, and interested in a transition to solar energy, it’s a great time to make the change.  A family run firm called Renewable Solar Resources believes in the future of solar power as an increasingly efficient, reliable energy source.  Solar panels, SolarEdge optimization and solar storage add efficiencies that absolutely make this your solar power time.