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Insurance Even if You Love Dangerous Activities

Even if you love the adventure from dangerous hobbies, you may still be able to get life insurance.  Just figure on answering several questions first, such as how long you’ve been doing this activity, how often and have you received training, education or certifications.  Be honest in your answers.   Trying to make it look less…

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7 Habits for Family Wellness

Child health experts agree on few things, but consistency and family focus is one thing most agree boosts wellness for your whole household.  Summer is a great time to establish your own family routines, without the school, sports and extracurricular activities driving the household schedules.  But even after your children are back to school, it…

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Longest pedestrian Bridge in US Opens

Did you know the longest Pedestrian bridge in the united States opened in Gatlinburg today?  Skybridge boasts spectacular views of the Tennessee smoky mountains, which can be seen all around you as you cross the bridge, but also through the bridge in the middle section which is transparent.  This Bridge is not for the faint…

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