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Legal Blogs

This section of our blog website features articles that have to do exclusively with the legal sector. Some sub topics may include but are not limited to ; bankruptcy, business law, criminal law, employment law, and immigration law. If you need help with  legal related issues and concerns, please search or business directory in your area for experienced professionals by clicking the red button below!

Veteran Losing Home to VA Foreclosure, Though he Tried to Pay

Jason ‘Jay’ Sutton is a veteran who has suffered a…

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5 Choices If You Can’t Make Your Mortgage Payment

Going into a Foreclosure can be a demoralizing situation.  Saving…

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When a Death in the Family Sets Foreclosure in Motion

I recently attended an out of town visitation and funeral…

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CFPB: Is it Constitutionally Structured?

CFPB Share Is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau unconstitutional?  Click…

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Foreclosure Fraud Still Happening

It has been 7 years since the record setting $25…

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Fighting Foreclosure With a Licensed Local Attorney

When you fight foreclosure, the battle is frustrating and difficult…

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The Consequences of Foreclosure You May Not Know About

Is your mortgage in default, but you are trying to…

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Bankruptcy and Sleep Once More

The clock, a vintage inherited family piece, ticked away the…

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Hidden Housing Crisis

In the housing crisis over a decade ago, the government…

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