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Mortgage Related Blogs

This section of our blog website features articles that have to do exclusively with the mortgage sector. Some sub topics may include but are not limited to ; Purchase, Origination, Refinance, Mortgage Insurance, Mortgage Foreclosure, and reverse Mortgage. If you need help with and mortgage related issues, please search or business directory in your area for experienced professionals by clicking the red button below!

Did You Know Foreclosure Can Affect Taxes?

Did you know that foreclosure can affect your tax filing?…

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My Foreclosure is not Your Opportunity!

“My Foreclosure is not just your next investment property opportunity.”…

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Another MCA Solution!

Dave (not his real name) was waiting for a response…

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January is the New Home Buying Season Opener

Spring starts Home Shopping season, right?  Wrong! reports January…

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Best Mortgage Loan for You May not have the Lowest Rate

Lots of sites are already listing the best mortgage loans…

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HomeBuying in Winter

If you have held off on buying a home in…

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Home for the Holidays with Less Stress

There’s no place like home for the holidays.  There’s even…

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Why Did my Bank Quote a Higher Interest Rate?

Why Did my Bank Quote a Higher Interest Rate than…

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Another Business Helped by Merchant Cash Advance

John was worried.  He needed cash to get the tech…

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