4 Top Reasons to Convert to Solar Power Before the Year Ends

Snowflakes are already flurrying in Minnesota, but there may still be an advantage to converting to solar energy within the next two months.  It seems counterintuitive to convert to a solar power system for your home in the season that doesn’t get much sunshine, but there are still compelling reasons to move forward with the change to renewable energy.

  1. Federal and local incentives are set to drop December 31, 2020 for residential solar conversions. Though solar panels have dropped over eighty percent in price over the last decade, the initial set up cost is still significant.  You will come out ahead over the years the system is in place, but it would be nice to get help with the installation costs now.  Today, federal incentives can credit twenty-six percent of your installation cost.  Additionally, because Minnesota does not require you to pay tax on your solar purchase, you save another seven percent on your solar conversion. 
  2. Summer is a heavily engaged season for most solar conversion installation firms. When you convert to solar power in the fall, there is more time available for you to find the right solar installation firm and energy partner.  Visit https://www.renewable-solar.com/contact to set up a free solar energy conversion consultation.  In our consultation we cover the best installation locations on your property, how many panels will be needed, the cost of installation and the time to recapture your initial costs.  We can walk you through the applicable programs that offset your costs, and review ways to make your home more energy efficient.
  3. Net metering in Minnesota means residential sized photovoltaic installations qualify to receive solar bill credits for sending the unused energy back to the grid. So, while converting to solar power will not take you off the grid, and you may still need to pay something for the first few months, you may get refunded during the sunny summer months.  FYI, according to Energy Sage, Xcel Energy offers the top utility net metering program in Minnesota.
  4. Investing in a solar energy system now locks your electricity rate and protects against unpredictable increases in the cost of electricity. The price of electricity around the country has been on the rise.  This is not due to the cost of production, but is more about management.  Knowing the real cost of your electricity for the next twenty years can help you predict your expenses better. Because the solar panels last decades, you won’t have to keep spending money on them.  Once they are professionally installed, you may need to do minor maintenance, like cleaning them off in the spring and fall.  Otherwise, solar panels are generally maintenance free.

You can wait until Spring to convert your home’s electricity generation to a home solar system, but you actually save more money by having it done this year.  Even if you don’t start off with total electricity independence, you will enjoy lower energy bills starting on day one.  During the winter months, you can still save on electric bills, and next summer you may actually get solar credits.  So why is it a good idea to convert to solar powered energy now?  Because you save more money, starting the day your system is running.