When trying to figure Zagar Inc. fixture selection, here’s a quick guide:

Air Operation is great for:

  • Assembly applications
  • Light holding pressure applications
  • Quick cycle requirements
  • A clean environment

Hydraulic Operation works best in following situations:

  • Metal cutting
  • High torque requirements
  • Consistent holding requirements
  • Heavy chip and coolant conditions
  • Crimping

Light and heavy duty collet fixtures are designed for your production and tool room environments.  Housings are made of cast iron.  Steel clamp pistons are hardened, then ground to ensure lasting quality.  Seals and “o” rings are selected for industrial quality standards.

Air and hydraulic fixtures develop their holding power from line pressure applied against the piston area.  When calculating the holding force, use the following formula: 

Producing hole creation machines and workholding fixtures is what Zagar Inc. Does.  Email us at sales@zagarinc.com or call (216) 731-0500 for more information.  Not sure what you need?  Tell us about your plan, and we can help you figure out which machine can help.