Merchant Cash Advance is emerging as financing too for many businesses.  Obtaining a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is fast and fairly easy, even for business entrepreneurs with credit dings.  Delivery of cash when it is really needed makes MCA’s incredibly attractive to small business owners.  The timeliness keeps the cash relevant to the need.  

Small business loans can take months to fund, and mounds of supporting documentation.   Credit checks can make or break your approval, and sometimes your business situation (broken equipment) can make it look like your business is failing.   If your business can benefit from immediate cash, that allows you to grow, a Merchant Cash Advance  through could be for you. 

Here are four questions to help you decide if an MCA is right for you:

  • Will this help me get more business?
  • Will this help me grow my business?
  • Will this allow me to buy a new piece of equipment that will generate cash?
  • If I don’t get the money right away, do I lose what I would gain?
  • Will the gain in business and cash allow me to repay the MCA and my other bills?