On your home maintenance checklist, don’t forget the gutters.  When they work properly, gutters are great.  They divert large amounts of rainwater and melting snow off of your roof and away from your siding and foundation.    When the gutters are clogged, the water may seep into your home through a new lead in your roof or through the side of your home.  Clean your gutters out twice a year, or more, if your home is surrounded by trees; especially if any of those trees have limbs that reach over your roof.

Check for damage, while you are up cleaning the gutters.  This is important, but if you do not know what to look for, you have help.  Come see us at https://resourceshark.com/places/all-pro-xteriors-inc/ to set up your gutter inspection.  If you want to check or clean your gutters yourself, then hey, be careful on your ladder.  More than 580,000 Americans needed medical treatment for ladder related injuries in 2018.  Ouch. All Pro Xteriors has experienced professionals, who can take exterior home maintenance off your hands.  Check us out at allproxteriors.com or on our facebook page for help with your gutter cleaning and repair needs.