Cane Master Virtual Dojo Sessions Always Available by Subscription

No hangout with Grand Master Mark Shuey this week, but you can still join the Cane Masters Virtual Dojo and get started working on your cane techniques. 

Grandmaster Mark Shuey, founder of Cane Mastes & North Lake Tahoe Martial Arts, broadcasts live workouts that cover yoga and Cane Martial Art techniques.  Visit and enter “Virtual Dojo” in the search bar.  You can subscribe for a month, a half year or a full year to Cane Masters Virtual Dojo and enjoy live and recorded training sessions. 

Train and work out in the privacy of your own home or yard anytime using recorded training sessions.  The American Cane System of Martial Arts offers self defense techniques that use the cane as your weapon, but the Cane Masters Virtual Dojo will also cover exercising with your cane to help rebuild strength, balance and confidence.  Sessions are live Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 a.m. PDT / Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. PDT.

Use the Cane Masters Coupon for a FREE One Week Guest Pass and experience the ease of joining technique training or mobility enhancing exercises.  Either way, we think you’ll love it!