Consumer Debt and Our Economy

Consumer debt in America is one of the main driving forces in the economy and the largest profit sources for lenders. Whether the debt is for mortgages, credit cards, auto loans or student loans, Americans rely on borrowed money to live the American Dream.  The nearly 120 million households in United States have an average of over $7,000 in credit card debt alone, and mortgage debt on average of $153,000.  Unfortunately not every big bank or lender manages consumer debt fairly, or even legally.  All too often consumers are punished by lenders for mistakes they didn’t make. Even worse they incur more debt or even lose their hard earned assets, their homes and cars and access to credit wrongfully.

Over the last seven years consumer debt in america grew throughout the financial crisis, consumers coast to coast have fallen victim to the abuses the financial institutions have flagrantly committed and need debt management assistance.  Adding insult to injury the response from lawmakers and courts have largely benefited those same big banks and  lenders at the expense of consumers, levying billion dollar fines against big banks that go into the government’s coffers instead of the hands of the consumers who have real debt and suffered the abuse.  Courts have defended the big banks actions and ignored consumer’s pleas, until now.  Consumers have begun to fight back, whether in foreclosure, or default, or taken advantage of by predatory lending practices or debt collection abuse, consumers everywhere are turning the tables on big banks and lenders using the legal system for assistance to win.  Debt is being resolved, mitigated and even eliminated by using the same systems the big banks and lenders use.

Take Action Against Consumer Debt

By retaining the right attorney for assistance, consumers now have a fighting chance to resolve their debt problems and in many cases even get compensated for the damage and abuse the big banks and lenders caused.  The key is to find the right attorney, with the knowledge and experience to fight for consumers rights.  That’s where Mortgage Assist Now can assist. We helps consumers get connected to the right attorney for their unique consumer debt situation nationwide.  When you need help with your mortgage debt, foreclosure, collections problems or any other consumer finance debt, Mortgage Assist Now can help you find the right attorney to resolve your problem.

For the mortgage debt assistance you need now, Mortgage Assist Now is here to help today. Whatever your unique debt issue is, we can assist consumers with finding the right solution.  Your debt won’t resolve itself, get the assistance you need from professionals who deal with mortgages, foreclosures, collections and consumer finance debt every day.  Resolving debt is what they do, so you don’t have to.

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