What is a Consumer Mortgage Advocacy?

We Provide Consumer Mortgage Assistance

Mortgage Assist Now is a consumer mortgage advocacy and your direct link to legal professionals experienced in assisting in resolving homeowner’s mortgage difficulties and much more. We are a consumer mortgage debt advocacy that is NOT affiliated with any government program or agency, financial or creditor institution or company. We are NOT attorneys and do not make legal opinions or decisions. We work solely for the benefit of borrowers and debtors.

Mortgage Foreclosure Resources

Mortgage Assist Now connects borrowers like you with resources and information needed to reach professional help based on your unique circumstances and to make informed decisions protecting your interests. Our experience and knowledgeable staff has over a decade of industry experience working with attorneys, courts and financial institutions and can explain how the system really works in everyday common language.

Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney Referral

Mortgage Assist Now works for various law firms across the country and is authorized to introduce firms to borrowers as requested. We can gather information and collect documents from individuals with mortgage debt problems and give that information to law firms. We can describe each firm’s background and work areas and schedule case reviews with borrowers. We are NOT attorneys and do not make legal opinions or decisions or create legal documents.

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