By Gary Zagar


Gratitude: What are you thankful for?

At Zagar Inc, we are thankful for our hole making business and the great customers who kept us in business for 83 years.

We are thankful for the cleaners/sanitizers who have gone the extra mile for us during this COVID 19 crisis. During the week, cleaners come in four times and clean our building thoroughly, consistently and quietly. They do a superior job and are very good people. We appreciate our relationship with them and are willing to help each other if the opportunity allows itself.

We are thankful for the partners in the shop. We are thankful for the skilled labor force that occupies the floor and answers all the customers’ needs. We commend the fellows who are busting knuckles each day and grinding away at producing the products and services. Their precision and their craftiness produce great products day after day. From service and parts to drill heads, dedicated machines to tap heads. These are the guys making the magic happen.

We are thankful for the engineering department. These people are designing and crafting ideas to help make every piece of quality equipment efficient. They are the brains of the operation. From their knowledge in Solid works to their experience and expertise both past and present, these guys really carry their weight, getting the designs out and ready for manufacturing. We thank them today for what they do.


The sales team is wonderful. From taking orders to shipping out the product, these folks are here to help and make things better for the people they serve. The sales department can be reached via phone at (216) 731-0500  or by email to: . There are always enthusiastic people waiting for  a chance to assist.

We would also like to thank our outside vendors. There are many from the IT company to steel companies, from electric to fellow manufacturers that make parts for us. We have numerous vendors we use and like to make partnerships with. Recently MSC and Jarvis had decided to partner with us on many things. We are thankful during this downtime, that we were able to assist in making their companies better.

Our management team is very important to us and our well-being. We have some good people running this ship and that is important in any business. Years of experience is the strong foundation we count on  for dealing with this uncertain time in our history.  Their prudent attitude of gratitude during this has really been a good thing. They have experienced many different situations over the course of 50 years, and we are thankful they are at the helm.

Finally, customer, we are thankful for you and appreciate your trust in Zagar Inc. We are here to continue to provide grateful service to the men and women of the Zagar Inc. customer base and we are thankful you continue to carry on business with us. Call us at (216) 731-0500 or drop us an email at sales and let see how Zagar can help you in your machine tool needs.