Genius Summer Life Hacks

The tree leaves have fleshed out in vibrant green again and each day the sun is a little warmer and brighter!  Ah yes, summer is coming back.  This is the part I love, the expectation of gorgeous summer days and nights ahead.  But when the reality of hot dry days hits, here are some life hacks to help you keep your cool…

  1. Fill empty water bottles a quarter full of water, turn on their side then freeze.  When you are ready for a quick refreshment, take a few out and fill the other side of the bottle with water – or any other beverage you want – for an icy cool beverage.
  2. Freeze some grapes and use for ice cubes in your wine to avoid watered down wine. 
  3. Make your own popsicles – using forms with the cup to catch drips for a less messy treat.

Headed for the beach? 

You can still text use much of your phone while keeping it protected from sand and water.
  • Use a fitted sheet to keep your things free of sand.  Just use your stuff to anchor the four corners and voila!
  • Make sure you take baby powder with you. When you’re ready to go home, cover yourself with baby powder to keep the sand from sticking to your skin.
  • Ziploc bag your phone.  The bags are see-through so you can see who’s calling you without getting sand and water on or in your phone. Do the same with your reader if you use a device separately from your phone.

Going camping? 

  • We arranged our camper with snacks in cupboard near the door for easy reach without tracking in and out of the camper.  To avoid arguing over whose stuff is missing and “oops, I forgot my ___”, I pack a tub for each traveler with a towel. Washcloth, wipes and sample size personal hygiene items which we refill from a bigger container after each trip ends. A few games are stashed in one cupboard in case of rainy days.
  • The whole point of camping or hiking is to simple down and get back to nature, so think about what you want to do and where you will go, and pack accordingly.  Leave out the extras but include first aid items.