It is first day of the NFL Draft 2019 and the clock is ticking.  Maybe you know how this NFL Draft will shake out, but there have been several draft surprises over the years – only time will show if this draft has more.

Draft Day Surprises Over the Years

George Taliaferro, the first African-American drafted by the NFL in 1949 died October of last year.  George Halas and the Chicago Bears took him 129th pick in the 13th round, but Taliaferro had just signed a contract with the Los Angeles Dons of the All-America Football Conference prior to seeing the newspaper headline that meant he had been drafted.  He made it to the NFL in 1951 and played an unheard of seven positions during his career!

In 1991, Eric Swann was 6th pick in the 1st round of the draft and he as an AFA semi-pro football player for the Bay State Titans, he had never played a down of college football in his life.  It worked great for the Arizona Cardinals, where he is considered to be in the top ten draft picks, in spite of knee injuries that eventually ended his career.

Today, it is hard to imagine that in 2000, Tom Brady was number 199th pick in the 6th round of the draft.  And boasts SIX championship rings and NINE Super Bowl Appearances, more than any other player.

How about the 2010 number 195th pick in the 6th round; Antonio Brown who played in six Pro Bowls and received four All-Pro nominations.

2011 saw Richard Sherman as number 154th pick in the 5th round.  Sherman went on to form the “Legion of Boom” in the 2013 Seahawks! 

As the 2019 draft drama unfolds, remember that surprises still happen, and great players can come from the American Football League, College, or other conferences and the drama only adds to the excitement.