Know the People Who Affect How Your Mortgage Servicing Is Handled

The Servicing Association has a new Chairman. Ray Barbone, not to be confused with the shady character named Ray Barboni in the movie Get Shorty, is a well credentialed Executive Vice President (EVP) of Mortgage Services at BankUnited.

BankUnited, the largest bank headquartered in Florida, has been recognized as a top performer in the Home Affordable Modification Program. Prior to BankUnited, Mr. Barbone spent decades first as SVP for Atlantic Mortgage and Investment Corp, and later as a Group SVP for ABN AMRO, overseeing a staff of 1,300 and a portfolio over $240 Billion. He is a Certified Public Accountant and is trained in Six Sigma. (For those wondering, Six Sigma is a methodology utilizing statistical analysis to improve business processes. The name is derived from the following Zero plus 5 more steps: Zero: Sigma leadership, plus five more: define, measure, analyze, improve, and control.)

The National Mortgage Servicing Association (NMSA) is comprised of top level executives in the mortgage industry whose goal is to effect progress and change on the key challenges that face the mortgage servicing industry. The theme of this year’s conference in September is “Include” and will address diversity of ethnicity, gender and others in the industry.

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