Why do homeowners remodel their homes?  The cost may be high, but homeowners often hope to reap higher sales price tag and/or improved functionality as a result.  The National Association of Realtors (NAR) just added a new factor to homeowners’ remodeling payout:


Those who complete a DIY project have a slightly higher Joy Score than those who hire a professional but overall, most of those hiring or doing a home remodel project intended to live in the home post remodel.  They planned to enjoy the results of the home renovation, staying in the home after completion.

Image by Laura Shaw from Pixabay

When facing the cost of the most popular home renovation projects, such as HVAC replacement or complete kitchen renovation, it might make sense to either refinance your home or get a Home Equity Line of Credit, or HELOC.  Today’s interest rates are incredibly low historically, so it may make sense to refinance the old mortgage and have a new one-monthly-payment mortgage, liquidating enough of your home’s equity to renovate and possibly raise the home’s value.  If your home is already in a low rate and you are nearing the end of the payment term, it may make more sense to apply for a HELOC.  If you are unsure of which way to go or just need to find a good loan originator for your situation, come see us at