Rotary Tables

Zagar Inc. Workholding division offers an entire line of rotary tables and indexers ranging in size from 120mm (4.72”) to 320 mm (12.6”).  Indexing accuracy will be +/- 2 arc seconds which is normally a premium option with most table suppliers. Zagar rotary table costs range from between $15,000 to $20,000 depending upon size.

CNC 200R rotary table. This 7.87 Inch diameter (200mm) unit features 360 degrees of rotation in 1.8 seconds using the AC unit (2.7 seconds with the DC unit), an auto home switch and pneumatic brake. All Zagar rotary tables and indexers come standard with an AC Brushless Servo Motor and can be integrated with various CNC (computer numerical control) options. For those machines without a 4th axis control or for manual applications, Zagar Inc. can provide a single axis digital control that can be programmed on the machine or activated by a signal from an existing CNC control. Zagar rotary tables and indexers feature American-made digital controls which have been inspected for accuracy in a North American laboratory.

Zagar CNC 200R 8 ” diameter Rotary Table

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