Summer Eco-Driving

Summer Driving tips n hacks

This is the time of year many of us are on the roads.  Maybe you have vacation time, maybe just because it is halfway to the next holidays, maybe you need to keep in touch with family and the best way is to make the drive.

My usual trip is easier to make than when I began driving the 8-10 hour jaunt to my family’s home, but I could have used some tips to remind me how to save on gas and time, so I am sharing my hacks with you.

  1. Use cruise control on the open highway.  There will be times when you really need to turn off the cruise control, like in construction zones, but most of the trip can be on cruise control and most cars use less fuel when in this mode.
  2. Make sure the eco-fuel switch is on.  If your car has this feature, you could be saving fuel, on those highway stretches by just clicking the switch.
  3. Fill every bottle cup in the vehicle with a full bottle of water.  Whether you use a thermos cup, refillable water bottle or bottle from your fridge.  Having fresh water available can help keep you more alert on your drive than snacking on carb laden chips.
  4. Don’t put the pedal to the metal.  Accelerate smoothly, and you can save more gas.  Quick starts and stops eats more fuel.
  5. Using Google maps?  Find the most fuel efficient route before you begin.
  6. Keep stops spread out and minimized.  I like to stop at the halfway point, but you might need more stops.  By keeping the stops equal distance from each other, you can help stave off road fatigue.
  7. Move around or take a walk each time you stop.  Exercising keeps you more alert.  Each time you stop, make sure to walk or exercise before you climb back in your car.  This becomes more important as folks age, but everyone need blood flow.  Keep moving.
  8. When you stop, if you are in a bigger parking space, drop a pin so you can find your car.  This is especially helpful when you are traveling in unfamiliar areas.  Save yourself time and aggravation with this method.
  9. If a gaggle of geese outside your fast food stop want your food, give it up!  The geese chase the fries so you can run the other way and safely jump in your car for your get away.  (and yes, I speak from experience).

Have a great trip, save fuel costs but most of all, stay safe out there!