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Did You Know Foreclosure Can Affect Taxes?

Did you know that foreclosure can affect your tax filing? When you are in the middle of fighting against a mortgage company foreclosing on your home, the last thing you might think about is how it could affect your taxes.  A home mortgage is still a debt, and if you have not filed for bankruptcy…

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Bankruptcy Offers Relief and Protection

Trying to save your home and/or sanity through bankruptcy?  Talk to a local bankruptcy attorney at  Not all bankruptcies are equal when it comes to saving your property.  Sometimes, in order to save a home that has equity in it, debtors resort to filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy protection instead of chapter 7 bankruptcy…

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Turn the Tables on Your Creditors

You may owe the debt, but there are rules for collection.  Know your rights and you may be able to turn the tables on your creditors. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) makes abusive, unfair or deceptive collection practices illegal.  There are punitive fines that can be levied on abusive debt collectors.  The FTC…

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