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Tuesday Tax Tip: 3rd Quarter Estimated Tax Due Soon

Third Quarter Estimated tax payment due Monday Sept 16. Can you believe major tax reform is in its second year?  As taxpayers are seeing its full effect on 2018 returns, the IRS reminds people who pay estimated tax that their third quarter payment for 2019 is due Monday September 16.  Thanks, IRS. On a brighter…

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Tuesday Tax Tip: Sales Taxes Are Due -Even on Internet Purchases

Last year, a 1992 sales tax regulation was overturned, allowing states to decide whether they wanted to collect sales taxes from online purchases.  The 2018 ruling caused e-commerce company share prices to temporarily tumble.  Most online retailers, such as Amazon, have already been paying state sales taxes for years, but other online vendors, even large…

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16 US State Tax Holidays 2019

Back-to-School? See personal tax savings list here.  Sixteen US States are having Sales Tax Holidays to give stressed parents a break in back-to-school costs.  If you are buying spcific items within the tax exempt guidelines offered by these states during the posted dates, you will not be charged sales tax from participating vendors.  To make…

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