Back-to-School? See personal tax savings list here.  Sixteen US States are having Sales Tax Holidays to give stressed parents a break in back-to-school costs.  If you are buying spcific items within the tax exempt guidelines offered by these states during the posted dates, you will not be charged sales tax from participating vendors.  To make the holiday sweeter, participating vendors usually also offer back to school SALES to coordinate with the state tax holiday.  Just a hint: the clothing and footwear limit is per item for most states – but no, each shoe does not count as an item, so a pair of shoes priced at $150 does not count as two items for $75 each.  States specify the types of clothing etc that are included, so click on any of the listed states to get the full list with details. 

STDatesTax Free Caps
ALJuly 19-21Clothing & Footwear $100; Computers etc $750
ARAug 3-4Clothing & Footwear $100;
Accessories & Equipment $50
CTAug 18-24Clothing & Footwear $100
FLAug 2-6Clothing & Footwear $ 60; Computers etc $1,000
IAAug 2-3Clothing & Footwear $100
MDAug 11-17Clothing & Footwear $100;
Backpacks-1st $40 is exempt
MAAug 17-18Up to $2,500ea- no Vehicles;
Clothing <$175 is exempt all year
MSJuly 26-27Clothing & Footwear $100
MOAug 2-4Clothing & Footwear $100 ,Computer: $1500
Software: $350
NMAug 2-4Clothing & Footwear $100
OHAug 2-4Clothing & Footwear $ 75
OK Aug 2-4 Clothing & Footwear $100
SC Aug 2-4 Clothing, School Supplies No $ cap
TNJuly 26-27 Clothing, School Supplies $100; Computer $1500
TXAug 9-11 Clothing & Footwear & School Supplies $100
VAAug 2-4 Clothing & Footwear $100; Emergency Prepared

Check back next week for more tax planning tips.  Our goal is to keep you informed on ways to plan and save on taxes.