Zagar Inc. Feed Units can make all the difference in the speed, efficiency and accuracy of a production line.  To determine spindle-nose and toolholder requirements, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What style is the tool shank?
  • Do I need a specially configured tool shank to use this feed unit?
  • What style is the spindle nose?
  • What style of tool holder do I need to connect the two?
  • How is the tool held and adjusted (if applicable)?
  • Do I need a driver?
  • Do I want to use quick-change toolholders?
MQ Programmable Feed Unit

Some additional manufacturing requirements to bear in mind when selecting a feed unit are ease of setup, flexibility, precision, power-supply needs, and your plant’s specific production methods.

If the feed unit is to be used for a long-run dedicated job, ease of setup should not be a major priority. If, however, the unit is to be used in situations involving frequent part changeovers, a ballscrew feed unit will serve you best, since it can be more easily relocated to new applications because of its programmability.