When an MCA Makes Good Business Sense

Sometimes you need a cash infusion sooner than even an approved business loan can deliver. 

Business loans can take weeks and possibly months to close and fund.  But in business, timing is everything.  If your business needs capital for the summer season, but your business loan with the great rate won’t fund until late summer, a Merchant Cash Advance may give you the liquidity you need while you wait for the funds to clear.

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) funding can be completed in as little as a few days, giving your business the capital needed for stock, or expansion, or extra seating; in time for the crowds.  By the time the bank can close your traditional business loan, the crowds will have gone home, and you will have missed an opportunity to capitalize on that traffic.  We understand it is not always about planning; sometimes emergency repairs and cost overruns can drain reserves, leaving you with an unfunded plan to stock or expand your business.  It’s June, and if your business loan doesn’t close by August, you may be missing one of your heaviest traffic seasons. 

When you need a cash infusion sooner than even an approved business loan can deliver, think Merchant Cash Advance.

An MCA may not be as inexpensive as that business loan you were applying for, but the cash advance can deliver your money in time to make the difference for your business.  We believe in business opportunities, and in our clientele’s ability to turn those opportunities into success.  We work with firms who share our vision in providing business services to qualified, motivated entrepreneurs for a better business future. Fill in the short ez-form and talk to your own MCA representative to learn how an MCA can help you reach your business goals.