NSL Analytical Services works diligently to continue to earn your trust as a leader in materials testing by continuing to meet or exceed the most exacting standards of researchers, government agencies and businesses around the world.  NSL does not just tell  you they will meet exacting standards; when you visit https://www.nslanalytical.com/accreditations, you will see a list of several specific materials testing certifications held by NSL that were developed by ISO and other testing standard organizations.  Who is ISO, and why are their certifications so important?

Who ISO is:

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization.  Its network of institutes of standards hail from 164 countries with the central ISO office residing in Geneva Switzerland.  It is a non-governmental organization, intended to bridge the gap between the public sector and private organizations.  Because it sets standards around the world, it is vital that ISO maintains its mix of governmental members, private sector professionals.  This allows ISO to reach consensus on solutions balancing busines demands with the broader needs of society.  ISO has developed over 23,301 international standards dealing with products and services in virtually every industry around the world.  ISO likes to describe its standards as “…a formula that describes the best way of doing something.”

Why do the standards created by ISO matter? 

Standards bring order out of chaos, using the best practices as agreed upon by experts from different countries.  ISO Standards cover everything from industry terminology to food and product safety to quality management standards.  Businesses who sell in other countries can thank ISO for the country codes in domain names.  When money is sent from one bank to another the country codes identify where that bank is based. Management standards are even developed by ISO.  But ISO does not issue those certifications it developed.  Instead, ISO certifications are issued by external certification bodies.  What ISO’s CASCO, or committee on conformity assessment has done is to produce standards of the certification process, which are used by certification entities.

ISO certifications inform you that materials testing services such as NSL Analytical Services has been determined to appropriately utilize the specific methods, equipment usage, practices, and standards that meet the exacting requirements of governments, researchers, regulatory bodies, and industrial organizations from around the world, who rely on those tests.   Component purity, formulaic accuracy, product safety and more can be evaluated through a reliable system of tests, because companies such as NSL Analytical Services adheres to ISO standards and practices.  NSL provides several areas of testing services, including chemistry lab services, materials evaluation, metallurgical lab services, ophthalmic testing services, polymer lab services, power characterization services, and regulatory testing services.   If you are looking for a specific testing service, there is a good chance, the labs of NSL Analytical Services handles it.  In Fact, NSL is driven to meet and exceed those standards again and again, so you can rely on the motto of Trust. Technology, Turnaround. 

 Visit NSLAnalytical.com for a list of accreditations, certifications, and information on testing services available for your needs.