What’s so great about Zagar Rotary tables? 
High quality 4th and 5th axis tables.

Zagar Inc. Rotary tables can be adapted to most machine tools, regardless of whether machine is CNC controlled or not.  Each rotary table is inspected at our North American test laboratory  for accuracy and reproducibility.  Zagar provides stand alone electrical controls that are made in America.  Motors can match machine tool configurations or provide independent performance, ensuring the highest precision and replicability.

Zagar CNC200R – 200 mm Rotary Table

The Zagar Rotary table is optimal for either vertical or horizontal operation, ease of onsite installation, programmable with conversational software, G-code or CAD-CAM, tested and calibrated to your application, 4th axis prewire, servo drive card and motor, and all of this value for a remarkably reasonable price.