Quality Equipment

Zagar Inc has a drill and tap head for every hole that a bolt, screw, nail or grommet will go into.  When you need high speed manufacturing, you can rely on Zagar multi-spindle drill heads to harness power for high production precision hole boring.  At Zagar, multi-spindle means anything from 2 to 5184 spindles using our proprietary gearless technology. 

Our multi-spindle drill heads are engineered to harness power for high production hole boring. These multi-spindle drill heads handle 2 to 5184 spindles using Zagar proprietary gearless, multi-spindle revolutionary technology.  Zagar Drill and tap heads drive off a single spindle motor to power multiple spindles for simultaneous hole creation, reducing cycle times for mass production using drills, taps, reamers, and other rotating tools.  Even close-to-center applications are feasible.  Zagar Inc. products deliver results, as Zagar has done since 1937.  

Broad Industry Usage

Zagar Inc. multi-spindle drill heads are being used in demanding industries including automotive, trucking, aerospace, power generation, and appliances. The credit for industry demand Is steeped in Zagar’s drive to provide consistent performance, better quality holes, improved overall precision productivity and endurance, for years. Zagar offers application support, design and engineering services, fast turnaround, and prompt delivery on all multi-spindle drill heads. Let us show you how much Zagar Equipment can increase your productivity potential.  Click contact at  Zagar.com or call us at (216) 731-0500 today.