Zagar Inc. Quality Robotic Machining

Robotics are already used in manufacturing and their usage will only increase.  With this understanding, Zagar Inc. produces Robotic End Effectors that cover a wide demand for precision machining.  Using End of Arm Tooling, Zagar Robotic end effectors can deliver precision drilling, counter sinking, counter boring, facing reaming, combination drill tapping, rigid tapping, milling and trimming. 

Industries like appliance makers, aerospace and countless other manufacturers employ these effectors.  As consumer demand rises for affordable long-lasting products, or for intricate electronics powered products,  manufacturers must rely more on robotic driven machines with the level of  precision, speed and endurance those product components require. 

Zagar Robotics delivers the quality, precision, speed and endurance you have come to expect from Zagar Inc.  Find out more by calling (216) 731-0500, or by emailing