Multi spindle drill and tap machines used to drill exactly even patterns, or arrays.  Then Zagar Changed everything, when it engineered the gearless multi spindle drill and tap head.  These heads offer features such as close centers, Combined and random hole patterns, minimal backlash, the ability to add or relocate spindles, a large variety of tool holders and simultaneous multi-pitch tapping.

Zagar has been pioneering hole producing equipment for over 80 years. Zagar expertise lies in machining both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, for industries such as automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical, off-road construction equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic and high-production drilling and tapping.  Blending high endurance with high speed production, Zagar can save both time and labor in your production process.  Visit, email to or call us today at (216) 731-0500 and tell us about your production challenges.