Zagar Inc. customers are why we are here.  They recognize that the combination of innovation and quality machine and fixtures can help them surpass old quotas and boost their bottom lines.  When new solutions are needed, Zagar Inc. has a peerless engineering design team that can develop unexpected new resolutions.

Want an example?  Imagine lining up the tap perfectly after each hole you drill.  Zagar Inc. created a CNC machine that can do that, time after time.  Built with Zagar’s quality, precision, speed and endurance, the Zagar CNC drill head with auto tool changer features a rotating head, which drills the hole, rotates, then taps the same hole in the sequence, every time.

Zagar CNC Machine for Appliance Production

Do you need to speed up your productions without sacrificing your quality and precision?  Call us at (216) 731-0500 or email and tell us about yourself.  We love to come up with manufacturing hole making solutions.