1 Week Free at Mark Shuey’s Virtual Dojo

Do you wish that you could find martial arts near you?  Are you getting jumpy staying at home?  Every day, Grandmaster Mark Shuey is working out in the Cane Master Virtual Dojo.  Come join him – virtually.  Learn about yoga, stretches, and cane fighting, using a one-week coupon.  You can attend the Virtual Dojo for a week FREE before you subscribe.  Subscription periods come month-to-month, six-months or a one-year membership – All are on sale now, so you can stay in shape while you shelter in place.

There is always fighting cane action and a great workout at the Virtual Dojo, no matter what shape you are in now.  If you are incredibly fit, you will be more fit.  If you have limited mobility, the strength and balance you stand to gain from a session in GM Mark Shuey’s virtual dojo is immense.  Come join us for the next session – FREE!