Zagar Inc. Excellent Quality Hole Making Machines…and Workholding Fixtures too.

Zagar Inc. makes excellent quality hole making machines.  We are proud of our machines and of the workmanship that goes into each one.  But the hole production of any machines is only as good as the machine that holds the part to be drilled.  So Zagar humbly reminds you that we ALSO make excellent quality workholding fixtures and custom workholding fixtures

Workholding fixtures are essential to keep the assembly line more effective and efficient at higher speeds.  Holes can be created with a much higher degree of precision, in a variety of patterns and sizes.  All of this is possible, because the workholding fixtures keep the pieces securely in position  for tapping or drilling.

Now that we’re talking about workholding fixtures let’s talk collet fixtures, and multi collet fixtures.  Zagar collet fixtures are available in a variety of styles from stationary to rotating, vertical to horizontal, manual to automated, basic or turn table.  Then, of course there are air or hydraulic operated automatic collet fixtures.  The operating pressure range from 80 PSI to 1500 PSI.  There are over 8 standard sized for clamping, in addition to Zagar custom collet fixtures.  If you are trying to set up a configuration or need to improve on the waste with your current workholding fixture, visit Zagar Inc., or Zagar Youtube today or call us at (216) 731-0500 to find out how a Zagar Inc. workholding fixture can improve your bottom line.