Trust must be earned. 

For over eighty years Zagar Inc. has worked to gain and hold customer trust in its manufacture of hole producing machines like drill heads and tap heads; and in its manufacture of workholding fixtures for those hole producing machines.  Zagar Inc. is a local family owned and run business, focused on delivering quality machines with speed, accuracy, endurance, and reliability.  Every day, as an essential business, we still come to work in the shop, and we see many of you doing that too; working to deliver needed products during this COVID19 pandemic.

Today, trust has taken on a whole new meaning.  While millions sicken, others fight to preserve their businesses, homes, and way of life.  Through all of your efforts, Zagar Inc. is here for you.  Because we share your histories through our relationships with you, we are invested in your success.  If you need help figuring out how to get repairs done or needed machines in, call us at (216) 731-0500 or email and let us know your need, so we can work at figuring out an answer.

We will get through this pandemic and we will recover…together.