5 technology stocks

We love dividend investing and reaching financial freedom from this passive income source.  We wanted to show you 5 Technology Stocks that pay dividends!  These are massive tech companies, that you should know most of the names, that can add a strong dividend income source for your portfolio.

What are the 5 Dividend Tech Stocks we are talking about?  We bring you the likes of Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT) and IBM (IBM), to name a few.

As the stock market is sitting near all-time highs still, mostly driven by technology, we wanted to keep dividends in focus for you and to let you know that you can invest in technology, with stocks that pay you dividends.

Therefore, jump into our video, as we go over the 5 technology stocks that pay dividends.  These dividends will help you on your journey to financial freedom and they may deserve a spot in your dividend portfolio!

Watch the Video: 5 Technology Stocks that Pay Dividends

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Further – Do you currently own any of the 5 dividend stocks mentioned?  Considering buying one of the 5 stocks?  Any stock that you would avoid? Please share!

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