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Retirement Comfort from Insurance Investments

At, Advisors believe Whole Life Insurance can be a good income stream for your retirement.  The key is to know how to invest and when.  Contributor Steve Parrish, in a recent article spells out how whole life insurance can be used to make your retirement more comfortable.  Need to talk to a professional…

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Investing in Best Interests

On June 5, 2019, the SEC implemented Reg BI under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 establishing a Best interests standard of conduct for broker dealers and staff when recommending any securities transaction or investment strategy involving securities. A relationship summary, or Form CRS, must now be shared with customers so you can make an…

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Is Whole Life Insurance a Good Investment Tool?

You can read many different opinions on whether Whole Life Insurance is a good investment strategy and the conflicting response can be confusing.  It is good to remember that individual situations make different investment vehicles better for some and not others. For example, a whole life policy can make sense for care of a dependent…

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Is Life Insurance an Investment Tool?

You may hear that life insurance is not a good investment, but many experts insist life insurance is a good investment.  So…which is it? When life insurance is referred to as an investment, it is a permanent life insurance policy and is probably a whole life insurance policy.  Whole life, as opposed to term life…

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