What Matters to Manufacturers Today?

At Zagar we’re listening, just as we have been listening since 1937.  Our drilling and tapping machines are still meticulously crafted, but now feature new technology.  Our feed units are sealed units that include user friendly CNC controls.  Our workholding fixtures offer the grip force you need.  We still make hole creation gearless drill and tap heads with speed, accuracy and force, only now we make machines flexible enough to change jobs right along with your business. 
Zagar specializes in hole production machinery, for industries such as automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical, off-road construction equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic and high-production drilling and tapping.  Visit https://Zagar.com, email to sales@Zagarinc.com or call us today at (216) 731-0500 and tell us about your production challenges.