John was worried.  He needed cash to get the tech experts in to take his business to the next step.  John had done his homework, and knew that if he could have certain code written on his business website, it would generate revenue three times his costs.  Without those website revisions, his business sites would still generate revenue, but at an increasingly slower pace.  His banker was uncomfortable issuing funds to a business that was less than twelve months old, so John looked into a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA).   In John’s case, he needed less than $20,000, but MCA’s can fund much higher amounts based on business revenue.  The interest rates were a little higher than a bank loan would have been, but with the returns the website updates would generate, John knew it was the right way to grow his business. 

Traditional business loans are still great for established businesses with high credit scores, years of steady income and time to wait for the loan to be processed.  When businesses are fresh, or have recently changed course to take advantage of opportunities, bank loans may not be an option, just as they weren’t available to John.  The MCA financing, however, was funded  within two days of application and John’s business websites are being updated as this is being posted.

Merchant Cash Advances offer more businesses the opportunity they need, when they need it. can help you find the right company to provide your business, large or small, the funds it needs to succeed.