Cane Chi for Wellness Training at Home

It is so easy to forget that Even in our self-imposed isolation, there are things you can do to improve your health.  Cane Masters Inc. supplies canes and entire Cane Chi training kits that you can use in your own home.  No need for additional social distancing, these kits include the Cane Chi exercising video, along with an exercise manual, a cane chi starter cane, and 2 exercise bands of different resistance so you can start with the lower resistance, and as you gain strength, move on to the heavier resistance exercise band.

Mark Shuey and H Keith Melton work to offer finely crafted canes for those with a medical need, and the training to make that cane more than a crutch, but also a medical device than can be used as you work to regain lost strength.  Visit to see the selection of canes and kits or call (800) 422-2263 for more information.